quick query update

Received my second rejection last night, but this one was less form-like and more "you're a strong writer and I enjoyed your pages, but...". This is a positive thing I think. Rejection is natural, all part of the process, but positive rejection is, well, encouraging. Despite the fact that I couldn't get to sleep last night because I was thinking about how I was going to compile a list of the hundreds of agents I'm beginning to fear I'll have to go through before anyone hops on board, I do feel that I'm on the right track and am keeping my fingers crossed that the right agent for me is just around the corner.

I'm still waiting to hear back from a few of my top top picks, but in the meantime, four more query letters are on their way out into the world today. Got to keep moving forward.

Positive vibes, thoughts and prayers are ALWAYS welcome :)


Amanda said...


We have to keep believing (what else is there?). Every morning I have another rejection in the inbox, but I keep plugging away. Sooner or later the right agent will come along with the vision to see what I see. In the meantime, I write (with fingers crossed)

Kate said...

I really love your positive outlook :) I think it's important to stay optimistic and remember that any agents who reject you weren't right for you anyway.